Pikna Shire Horses

 Pikna Shire horse are based in St Ausell, Cornwall. Pikna is Czechoslovakian for beautiful, which Alfie thought was applicable to his horses. we have 2 pairs of working horses Angel and Bravelad driven by Bryony Gill and Wlify and Juna driven by Alfie Trethewey, when the horses are booked for special occasions we have vairous helpers including Alfies grandaughters Belinda and Emma Hawken.


Lovejoy and Tinker

Alfie has had Lovejoy and tinker since they were 6 months old, they have quite often be seen at shows with children riding on their backs and they have given many a person a memory for life. Eight years ago Alfie raised funds for children in need, in conjunction with radio Cornwall and raised over £3000. We quite often go to local schools and fetes. We like to support the local events. Lovejoy and Tinker were the start of Pikna Shire Horses, they were an inspiration to many and loved by all  they will be forever in our memories and never forgotten.


Angel and Bravelad

Angel and Laddy have been working together  from the ages of 3 and 2, they've raised money for charity, they've lead the torchlit carnival in St Austell as we as many others. They have a really strong bond with each other and more often than not act like a married couple.  


Wilfy and Juna

wilf and Juna are our youngsters, they have been working together for 2 years now and are starting to grow in personality as well as size, we are looking forward to bringing them on as a working team, seeing them grow and develop.  

About Pikna Shire Horse's